You'll be confronted with many options when choosing flooring for your home. Consider the following reasons to select carpet, a perennial favourite.


Carpets are often easier to install than other materials such as tiles or floorboards, as these kinds of flooring consist of many separate units that take time to arrange and lay. However, carpet only needs to be rolled out, stretched and attached to the floor along the borders and in various other locations. Because contractors don't need to fit single tiles or planks, and they only need to unroll one or several large carpet pieces, they can keep installation costs down. Plus, you won't be inconvenienced for so long, waiting for the flooring to be finished. 


Carpet helps to dampen noise, so you won't have to continually listen to clipping heels as people walk or crashes when items are dropped. Plus, sounds won't echo as much as on a hard floor as the fibres will absorb some of the sound waves that would otherwise reflect off hard surfaces to reverberate in the room. If you have a two-story house, the carpet will help prevent footsteps from the upper floor intruding on the peace of the lower-floor.


Forming a softer floor, carpet creates safer homes with dependable surfaces. Conversely, tiles and planks can become slick and slippery, especially after spilt liquids, which can lead to falls. In any case, if an adult or child does fall on the carpet, they'll have a softer landing.

Colour and Texture Choices

Carpet offers a limitless array of colours, patterns and textures. You can pick between solid colours or patterns, light or dark shades and neutrals or vivid hues. To hide grime and wear and tear, go with darker or patterned carpet that won't show every speck of dirt. 

You can also decide between loop-pile carpet or cut pile with the loop heads trimmed. Some carpet has texture patterns that combine loop and cut pile and different fibre lengths. With so many options, you can pick a colour and texture to suit your home, going with a hardwearing loop carpet or a plush long-fibre cut pile or a gorgeous combination texture.

Decorating Styles

Carpet suits bedrooms and living areas with diverse decor styles, so no matter how your home is decorated, you can find a carpet to suit. Traditional, mid-century modern, vintage, contemporary — all of these styles can be accommodated with a harmonious style during a carpet installation.

Contact a carpet installation contractor for more ideas.