Carpet flooring may be a favourite for homeowners across the board, but this plush and comfortable alternative does come with a few drawbacks. It may not splinter or crack as timber flooring would, but broadloom carpeting does have a proclivity for buckling if it does not receive meticulous care and maintenance. If you would like to prevent the buckling of your broadloom carpet, here are some of the causes that you should be wary of.

Excessive humidity in the home

A typical cause of buckling is exposure to too much moisture. Considering that humidity is one of the common weather conditions that you will experience in Australia, it is not surprising that broadloom carpets will gradually begin to succumb to damage. You may not be able to stop the weather from becoming humid, but you can take measures to ensure moisture-free air in your home. One simple fix would be purchasing a dehumidifier that you can place in rooms that are carpeted. Secondly, you can ensure that your HVAC system maintains a favourable climate to ensure that the carpet is not sucking in moisture that will lead to it swelling.

Dragging bulky items over the carpet

When it comes to moving furniture, homeowners tend to know that it is best to lift it off the floor if they are to keep their hardwood flooring scuff-free. However, not many people are aware that the same applies when you have carpeted flooring. It may seem easier to drag heavy furniture over your carpet, but the reality is that you are causing irreparable damage to the fibres. As the furniture is dragged across the carpet, it tugs on the carpet itself, which can cause it to become misshapen. Routine dragging of this furniture will eventually cause the carpet to buckle and lose its form in its entirety. Not only should you stop this habit, but you should also hire carpet specialists to re-stretch the carpet and remedy any damages that have already been acquired by it. 

Inadequate underpadding or lack thereof

You may assume that installing a broadloom carpet is just about placing it on the floor, but this is untrue. In reality, you need to ensure that the carpet is fitted with the right underpad as this structure will not only facilitate in maintaining the form of the carpet, but it would also make it less vulnerable to buckling. A carpet specialist would be able to guide you on what the right thickness, as well as density, would be best suited to your broadloom carpet flooring.