Some flooring materials have a propensity for being on trend until they are not. But timber is not one of them. Wood flooring is just as appealing as it was decades ago due to the timeless aesthetic that it injects into any home. Nonetheless, timber flooring does need to be meticulously maintained for it to stay pristine and durable.

A couple of the maintenance measures that would be essential for your timber floor is sanding and polishing. However, these forms of maintenance are not only crucial once the floors start to exhibit signs of wear. The following are some of the additional notable advantages of choosing to sand and polish your timber floors on a routine basis.

Scheduled sanding and polishing minimises allergies

A remarkable benefit of having your timber floors sanded and polished on routinely is how it decreases the allergens in your home. As the polish of the timber flooring wears off, dust particles and other airborne debris steadily become attracted to the rough surface. It is also harder to clean the timber flooring as the lack of polish makes the surface absorbent. If anyone in your family suffers from respiratory ailments, they may find it increasingly uncomfortable to spend time indoors. Polished floors, on the other hand, will not harbour any dust particle. Additionally, when grime starts to settle on the floor, you can quickly sweep and mop them clean!

Sanding and polishing your floors allows for customisation

Another benefit why you should consider routine sanding and polishing your floors is that it gives you the chance to experiment with different looks in your home. No matter how much you loved your timber flooring when it was installed, you may get bored with the original finish that you chose. On the other hand, you may have changed up the interior décor of your home an included new timber pieces, which may have a disparate colour from your flooring. When you have your floors sanded down, you could request the contractors to apply a different coloured stain and polish them to make them blend in with your current décor choices.

Timber floor sanding and polishing boost home value

Timber floors are known to increase the value of your property. However, if not well taken care of, the flooring will become an eyesore and will not contribute to the appeal of your home. Therefore, investing in professional sanding and polishing is a great way to retain the attractiveness of the timber flooring and ensure that the value of your property appreciates.