For homeowners who are looking to install a unique and comfortable outdoor space, a deck is the best way to go. It can enable you to infuse some creativity into the home and implement designs that will turn your outdoor space into a comfort haven.

There are many different types of materials you can use for an outdoor deck, but timber is among the best and most convenient options available. Timber decking through a place like Greenmount Timber & Building Supplies is affordable, easy to maintain, and durable.

There are many different types of timber decking you can select to install. Let's explore some of them below. 

Hardwood decks

Any structure that is built out of hardwood cannot go wrong. Hardwood is durable, resilient and aesthetically appealing. It also provides a timeless look to your deck and can make your neighbours and guests absolutely envious.

Hardwoods such as spotted gum and merbau are popular options for timber decking in Australian homes. They provide unique, warm red tones that are hard to beat. They can also be shaped into distinct panels with unique shades that resemble the original tree, and with proper maintenance, they will last for years to come.

Pine decks

Pine also makes for excellent timber decking material. To be useful, it is normally treated in an industrial process where additives are added to make it withstand fungi, decay and even termites. Pine from the radiata tree is a common choice for this timber decking.

During the industrial process, various colour designs can also be infused into the timber panels to add a customised look to your deck. This makes pine decks compensate for their less striking appeal when compared to hardwood. Treated pine is also much easier to work with, allowing for quick and easy installation.

Composite decks

In some cases, you can achieve a timber decking appearance from composite decks. These are made of a mixture of wood fibres and recycled plastic to offer an environmentally friendly option for the backyard.

Composite decking can be manufactured to resemble timber brands such as the Highland oak or the silver gum tree. Composite decks are a popular timber decking option because they are durable and less susceptible to warping, rotting or fading.

Modular decks

If you desire truly authentic timber decking in a convenient form, then modular decks are the option for you. They come in ready-made panels that have been prefabricated and are easy to install.

These decks are made of real wood from treated pine, merbau and other timber sources, thus maintaining their authenticity.