There's all kinds of strategies you can use to make a bathroom look bigger, but if you are planning to tile the walls in that space, there are steps you can take with the tile in particular to enhance the feel of your space. To make your bathroom feel larger, consider the following ideas:

1. Choose One Colour for the Walls

When putting tiles on the walls of your bathroom, it can be tempting to put in a lot of different designs. For example, you may want a row of different coloured tiles in the middle of the wall or around the window. Alternatively, you may want to use different colours for the bottom and top of the wall.

However, if your goal is to make the bathroom look larger, you should go for a monochromatic effect. If you really want to integrate different colours and patterns, go for lines that run vertically up and down the wall. That draws the eye up and down, creating the appearance of more height.

2. Opt for Light Colours

Ideally, the main colour you select for your wall tiles should be a light colour. Light colours reflect light more effectively. When light is bouncing around the room, that also creates the sense of a larger space.

3. Go for Continuity

In addition to just having one colour of tile on your bathroom walls, you may also want to go for continuity with the other parts of your bathroom. For instance, if you have tile in the shower or on the floor, you may want to repeat those colours with your wall tiles.

If you have a glass enclosure for your shower or bath, that can help with this effect. If the glass is completely clear, it doesn't interrupt the field of vision like a shower curtain or a cloudy glass door. That also helps to make the space seem bigger.

4. Mirror the Longest Lines

When deciding how to orient your tiles, try to mirror the longest lines in your bathroom. To explain, imagine that you step into the bathroom. The door is at your back, the long vanity stretches out on your left side, and the bathtub is on your right side. The width of the bathroom, however, is quite a bit shorter than the length of the bathroom.

In this situation, you want the lines of the floor tile to run alongside the vanity, and you want those vertical lines to continue up the wall. Remember, you are trying to move the eye over the biggest expanse of space possible. If you opt to emphasise the short and squat lines in your bathroom, that makes your bathroom look shorter and squatter.

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